• Dana Bauer

    Dana Bauer

  • tinyGive


    Our mission is to change how we think about giving, to show that every tiny bit matters, and that simple actions can have a big impact.

  • Elena Rozario

    Elena Rozario

  • Erie


    America’s foremost technologist named after a Great Lake. Now @CodeforAmerica! Co-founder @techladymafia + @usds. Former @harvard @whitehouse @cfpb.

  • InstituteForEdu


    The Institute for Education's (IFE) mission is to recognize, encourage, and promote civility and leadership locally, nationally, and in the world community.

  • Renascienza


    Nós integramos a tecnologia na vida das pessoas, produzimos software, disseminamos informação, cultura e entretenimento

  • Rick Holgate

    Rick Holgate

    Former Asst. Dir./CIO. Past pres., @ACTIAC. Recovering engineer. Fond of fine food & drink. Greyhound adopter. Philly guy in Austria. Views/comments mine.

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